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Fun Summer Festival 2019

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About Fun Summer Festival

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We invited more than 20 contemporary artists to decorate the space. Also, more than 100 musicians will play at our concert.


Our fest is located near the abandoned factory. This spot is clear and safe now. We set our tents close to the Awesome Beach.



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Festival Tokens

You can't use money at the festival. We offer our special tokens. You can purchase them at the entrance or in our special token points.

Getting there & Useful Info

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One Day Ticket

$ 35
  • You can visit all stages during 24-hour period.

Three Days Ticket

$ 65
  • You can visit all stages during 72-hour period.

Group Ticket

$ 180
  • Three Days Tickets for 4 persons.

Our Merch

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Our Partners


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Fax: +1 (0) 000 0000 002


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